Anika Sharma’s column on representation after International Woman’s Day 2021. Picture taken by Rashmi Gill

Born a Male, Getting It Right

A couple of years ago, close to International Women’s Day, I asked a few friends what they would do differently if they had the chance, starting from birth. One woman, a PhD and a well-established academician said, “If I could do things differently, I…

Anika’s Zen and The Power of Gratitude

Easy Thing Called Love

I love easily. I fall in love with ideas, books, trees, shells, beaches, animals, paintings, doors, sidewalks, towns…you name it.

It’s a beautiful feeling. Loving something and immersing yourself in it. This love of mine has made me do strange things. While others, may bring back…

Anika’s Zen and The Power of Gratitude: A weekly column

A Sack Full of Breaths: Anika’s Zen and The Power of Gratitude

I lost a very dear ex-colleague and friend recently. We worked together almost 25 years ago. But some relationships stand the test of time and borders. His was one of them.

The Advertising Connection

We were in advertising together, at…

Anika Sharma

CX, digital, mobile marketing and Brand Leader with strong global understanding of strategy and the creative product. NYU Stern business professor. Tree hugger.

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